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Revelations | Stefan Klaverdal CY1001

Performances by Tippet quartet and soloists from ContemporarY Ensemble (Mattias Eklund, Christian Ekstedt, Per Ivarsson, Annie Lönngren, Johan Westerberg).

A portrait of the Swedish composer Stefan Klaverdal and his varied music for instruments and electronics. The emotional/psycological music ranges from electronica and techno to minimalism and romaticism.

Electric Tuba | Kjetil Myklebust CY0904

In the rare combination of solo tuba and electronics Kjetil Myklebust performs works by some of the most experimental young swedish composers.

Music by Blomdahl, Hansson, Hjorth, Klaverdal, Lundén, Staern.

Sounding Images | ENM CY0903

ENM - Ensemble for New Music is a swedish ensemble focusing on contemporary music connected to Malmö Academy of Music. In collaboration with conductor Anna Rombach a interesting program for this record was formed.

Music by Cage, Edén, Hjorth, Klaverdal, Lindberg-Tarrodi, Sandström, Storm, Tomner.

Transitory Frames | Trio Trespassing CY0902

Trio Trespassing Niklas Brommare - percussion, Daniel Frankel - violin, Jesper Nordin - electronics

New swedish music for Violin, Percussion and Electronics by Jesper Nordin, Trio Trespassing, Niklas Brommare, Pär Lindgren.

A portrait of the interesting swedish trio.

Moose Imitating Moss | Anna Eriksson CY0901

Mats Bergström, Christian Berg, Emma Nordlund, Georg Gulyás, Patrik Karlsson

New swedish music for guitars and cellis by Anna Eriksson.

A portrait of the swedish composer Anna Eriksson with her exceptional personal style.

Arena | Tobias Broström CY0802

Malmö Percussion Edition

New swedish music for Percussion by
Tobias Broström

A portrait of the swedish composer Tobias Broström. But also a portrait of percussion instruments and their possibilities, ranging from instrumental solos to pieces for larger ensembles.

Human Relations | Lauri&Pascal CY0801

Lauri&Pascal Lauri Karlström and Pascal Jardry - guitars

New swedish music for Guitar by
Bjuhr, Enström, Hjorth, Olofsson, Rapacki, Storm.

The guitar duo Lauri&Pascal consists of the two promising young guitarists Lauri Karlström and Pascal Jardry. The duo have managed to get some of the young composers in Malmoe to write new guitar music especially for them.

All the composers are living in Malmoe and the music was presented at a succesful concert on Malmoe International Guitarfestival Mars 2007.

Dr Caligari | Björn Kleiman CY0701

Björn Kleiman - violin, David Wärn - piano

New swedish music for violin, piano and electronics where the title track is inspired by the movie Dr Caligari, and the other tracks also relates to its strange dreamlike mood.

Soloist is the young and talanted Björn Kleiman, based in London, who plays unaccompanied or with piano and/or electronics.

"On 'Dr Caligari' the violinist Björn Kleiman releases all inhibitions, together with pianist David Wärn, in a series of pieces that dreams and yearns beyond all boundaries."
(Martin Nyström, DN 2007-04-18, free translation from swedish original)
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