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New CD:
Revelations | Stefan Klaverdal

"Klaverdal writes music that is infectious with spontaneity… the music is light and playful… a music that is bursting with colourful dance effects." Matti Edén, Sydsvenskan may 2010, Sydsvenskan

"On the CD “Revelations”, the music is in between laptop (electronica) and classical music, the electronics is not overwhelming, but serves as a very personal expression from the composer and the present." Bengt Eriksson, august 2010, Ystad Allehanda and Trelleborgs Allehanda.

“But for me… who is not so well versed in contemporary classical music, it feels new and exiting. For if done right it can take the music to unimaginable heights.” Jakobs musikhörna

“and then I saw” in a fun way explores nagging and musical repetition.” (Johanna Paulsson, DN)

“[…] the string quartet makes me think: this is where great music is made.” Jan-Erik Zandersson, Nya Upplagan “Månadens Klassiker” (”Classic of the month”)